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Morning Assembly

A high quality school assembly is an integral part of our school curriculum. The students start their day standing together, shoulder to shoulder in a gesture that is truly symbolic of the unity we propagate. The gathering offer prayers and partake in meditation, thereby promoting a strong belief in God and Goodness. It helps the students to work together in a group and highlight the importance of co – operation and harmony. They learn to command and develop the quality of leadership. Thus, the assembly radiates a positive energy for the whole day’s work.

We also conduct special assemblies on important days, birthdays of great people etc. The birthdays of the students are also celebrated. In true sense it gives an opportunity to develop leadership quality of the students and develops the art of public speaking.

The assembly is a true gathering of students and teachers were all of us get a chance to meet every one. To greet every one and obtain blessings from elders is the highlight of our Assembly, after all we are all proud to be the members of DPS family.

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